Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ten tips for new laptop users | How to handle new laptop?

         If you are just upgraded from Desktop computer and using laptop nowadays, you might have facing many problem while using laptop. Don't worry about using laptop because its easy to use than Desktop computer. But if you handle your laptop badly, your repairing cost of laptop will be 2 to 3 hundreds percent increases. So like you customer I have listed tips for your laptops' long life.
Using Charger : -
            Do not connect charger after the battery is fully charged. When your laptop battery level reaches less than or equal to 20 percent than connect charger. If you continued connecting charger after fully charged your laptop battery life will decrease soon.
Keeping solid or liquid near laptop: - 
           Don't keep coffee, water bottle near laptop. Do not keep anything on keyboard or palm rest side.
If you keep anything on pam rest side and on keyboard and mistakenly close the lid that can break your laptop screen.

Keep on table and use : -
           Laptop is advertised as portable computer. Some time you can use as portable device but it is not portable device. If  you run your laptop while walking, sitting on anything and keeping on your lap. The laptop hard disk may cause problem. It may be stuck or crash your operating system or corrupt your files. So be careful and keep on table and use. It is more better that keep on laptop stand with cooler. Some people keep laptop on bed and use but it is dangerous for laptop health. Beneath laptop don't keep which preserve heat it may damage your laptop motherboard.
Clean Keyboard frequently : -
           You may heard that the keyboard of computer is more dirty than toilet pan. So, within week use small blur and soft brush to clean your laptop keyboard. Or you can use keyboard protector while typing from your laptop keyboard.
Using DVD Writer : -
           We use DVD RAM for various purpose like installing software, watching film, Copying important file blabla.... You must know that, Accessing DVD writer uses more power and vibrate your laptop. If you are planning to watch a film  from DVD first copy on Hard Disk and remove DVD from DVD Writer. Do not watch film accessing from DVD writer.
Antivirus : -
           Software have no warranty. To protect computer from virus use antivirus. You are using about 500 dollar laptop and you are hesitating to use 20/40 dollar antivirus? Or you can find free antivirus like Avast, AVG, Avira, Quick Heal, Norton etc.
Software : -
           If you are using free software. Download from original site or trusted site like Softpedia. Do not download Crack. Crack Software may contain viruses.
Playing Sound : -
           Laptop has small speaker and it doesn't produce loud sound. Don't play full sound while listening sound use headphone or Woofer speaker. Otherwise laptop speaker starts giving noisy sound and need to replace.

Keep Backup on External Storage : -
           Electronics parts some time accidently cause problem. Better use external Storage Device like pen drive, External HDD or DVD disk to save your important documents.

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